Emergency Source Containers

If a source was to disconnect, do you have an emergency container to house it?


It is an IRR99 requirement that an emergency container is available to facilitate the safe retrieval of a source in the event of an incident in particular a source disconnect. A key issue arising from this is, how many emergency source containers do you need? Best practice is based on each team having access to an emergency container in case of a source disconnect, which can happen at any time. To allow this each team must be in close proximity to an EC, if there is an incident, to ensure no unnecessary exposure occurs.


We manufacture a range of EC's, the majority being tested and certified as a Type A package. This is essential to allow a damaged source holder to be removed from site and back for unloading, inspection and safe disposal. Please see below to idenitfy which EC is right for you.


  • For flexible holders for TechOps, SPEC C-1 and INC IR-50 all EC containers are appropriate.
  • For solid holders for Viking and Gammamat containers EC2, EC3 and EC4 are appropriate.
  • For mid loaded holders such as Viking CPR, Gammamat Se and SafeRad containers EC2, EC3 and EC4 are appropriate.

The table below shows how you can decide which Emergency Container is suitable for your needs.

ModelShieldingMass (Kg)Ir-192 Capacity (TBq)Se-75 Capacity (TBq)Yb-169 Capacity (TBq)Cs-137 Capacity (TBq)Type A Package?
EC4Lead & Tunsgten274440.1Yes


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