Compound Automated Windout


The automated Windout is a compact electrically powered wind out mechanism. It allows exact exposure times to be programmed, resulting in more precise radiographs and a safer working environment.

It has an easy to use interface with a user friendly menu system and full colour display. The state of the compound is indicated on the screen at all times with an appropriately coloured spot. It can be configured to work with a range of radiography projectors.

  • Uninterruptable power supply.
  • Can be used on existing gamma equipment.
  • User friendly interface with a fail safe design.



Product CodeAUT001
Maximum attached windout length (m)15
Dimensions (cm)40 x 20 x 95
Mass (kg)14
Mass with windout (kg)20
Crush Force (kg)2000
Maximum operating temperature (oC)95


Extra Information

Width:40 cm
Product Code:AUT001
Length:50 cm
Product Type:
Height:20 cm
Mass:8 kg