All the Viking projectors are manufactured from Tungsten and Stainless Steel there are no soft materials such as aluminium used and there is no Depleted Uranium. The design of the Viking range is ergonomic, reducing the volume of the container to make it easier to carry and handle, therefore less bulky than other radiographic containers on the market. The Viking projection range includes containers that can work with Se 75, Yb169 and Ir192.


Viking owners benefit from a unique system that offers services free of charge, which even includes parts that have succumbed to wear. In order to make using a Viking as safe and efficient as possible, source changes are offered from our site, where we will collect your Viking, service it and replace the source. Therefore your container will be in the best working order at any point throughout the year.


All Viking projectors to be used underwater with no modifications or encasements necessary and with no risk of spread of contamination. Whilst the underwater use is rare this rating does support how weather resistant the Viking projectors are and are capable of withstanding offshore use. As an extra level of care and for good company image we supply every Viking projector in a water proof, buoyant Peli case. Whats more there is a life time guarantee of the Peli cases - you break it and well replace it, again free of charge.