Close Proximity Radiography


Close proximity projection allows for the ultimate flexibility for the radiographer to tailor the equipment to the most efficient way of carrying out the work and also allowing the highest standards of safety to be achieved.


Close Proximity Radiography can be used with either digital or darkroom imaging, adding to the flexibility. CPR techniques offer the ideal solution to minimal are restrictions and are often used on >4" pipework.





Our Viking CPR container can be used with Ytterbium 169 or Selenium 75. Due to the comination of low energy isotopes and increased external shielding to absorb scatter this leads to a controlled area as small as 2m radius. Therefore keeping disturbance on sCPR-SET-UP-RADIOGRAPHYite to an absolute minimum.







The Viking system may be used in a variety of different configurations depending on the location and type of work to be carried out. Good working practice is to ensure minimisation of dose experienced in all work situations. Using a set up such as that shown to the right it is possible to dramatically reduce the controlled area required compared with conventional projection radiography.