Radiography Isotopes

Gilligan Engineering Services provide many different radioisotope sources for use in the Industrial Radiography sector allowing for a complete radiography solution. This choice ranges from the very low penetrating and high resolution of Ytterbium 169 to the massive penetration of Cobalt 60 for thick sections of steel.


Customer service is a priority for Gilligan Engineering and with many sources being kept as stock items, a fast shipping time is available for common size sources. This applies to Iridium 192 and Selenium 75 isotopes with a wide choice of activities available. A short delivery time is also available for any non-standard physical sizes or activities of sources, and with a long list of available isotopes and activities Gilligan Engineering can satisfy nearly all needs for the non-destructive testing industry.


With security, health and safety and regulatory compliance being top of peoples agenda in the modern workplace we are able to deliver purchased isotopes at very short notice, perform isotope exchange on your premises and remove the spent source. This allows you to get on with your normal work with your new isotope as soon as possible.


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