Emergency Container EC4

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The EC4 is a purpose designed and built emergency container for mass production. This has allowed us to produce a cost effective and weight efficient lead and Tungsten emergency container. The EC4 is designed to be used with Ir192, Se75 and Yb169 sources. The EC4 can be manufactured for use with Viking ource holders, 660 or 880 compatible source holders, gammamat TI source holders. The EC4 is constructed of an economical lead sphere housed in Polyurethane foam and a robust steel shell.

The Type A status of the EC4 allows the package to be used to transport the radioactive contents if the emergency container is put into action. A Type A limit allows transportation of isotopes up to the A1 or A2 value; 1TBq (27 Ci) for Ir192. This allows for dose saving following an emergency incident as there is no need to move the source from a non-transportable emergency continer into an approved transport package. Instead the retrieved source can be transported to a facility such as Gilligan Engineering's loading cell where it can be handled and manipulated remotely


Extra Information

Width:210 mm
Product Code:EC4-XXX
Length:210 mm
Product Type:
Height:300 mm
Mass:0 lb