A radiation monitorIn order to maintain the highest levels of quality and safety all equipment that you rely on should be checked to ensure it is reading as accurate as possible. This is not solely a desire to maintain levels of high safety and quality but is also required by regulations in a lot of cases. Dosimetry and radiation monitoring is at the heart of the IRR 99 requirements and ensure gamma and x radiation emitters can be utilised safely. A full complement of a radiation monitor, a direct read dosimeter and an area alarm allows these requirements to be met in full with sufficient redundancy present as a further layer of safety.


To ensure accurate compliance these instruments should be calibrated against a known activity radiation field and of varying energies to show the response of the instrument when in use in the field, we can provide this...


Our calibration facility allows radiation intensities ranging from 1uSv/hr to many Sieverts per hour with Caesium 137 as well as the industrial radioisotopes such as Ir192 and Se75. This ensures we have the facilities to reliable calibrate a very wide range of instruments.


As part of a complete solution we can also offer the calibration of densitometers against a known density step wedge. This process complements the calibration you can do in house and allows a third party verification and calibration certification to be presented to your customers.


A further calibration or testing service we offer is a leakage test through the means of wipe testing. Wipe testing of sealed sources to test for any leakage or possible contamination must be performed at least every two years in accordance with IRR99. Our highly trained engineers are qualified to provide this service. A wipe test kit can be dispatched through the postal service. This can allow a person to wipe their own source using careful instructions provided by Gilligan Engineering with the source remaining on the customer’s own premises saving down time and transport costs. The wipe is then returned to us for analysis. We can test for alpha, beta and gamma radiations and as such can diagnose leakage of all radiography isotopes.