SAF101 Control Box


  The SAF101 Control Box is the centre of SAF Interlock System. All parts of the Interlock System connect to the control box, which should be placed on the outside of the bay in the area designated as the workstation for the bay. The Control Box generates Audio and Visual signals for the end user. An OLED display shows the current state of the system at all times.   In addition to the current state, the previous and upcoming stage is shown to better inform the operator. The RWS units report dose rate back to the Control Box which is also displayed in the form of a small box on the OLED. Each RWS is identified on the OLED screen along with its live dose rate readout.   Cat6 cables with RJ45 connectors are used to connect the Control Box to the other components in the Safety System. There are up to 10 connectors on the bottom of the Control Box with connectors beng specified for predefined components.


Extra Information

Width:12 cm
Product Code:SAF101 Control Box
Length:26 cm
Product Type:
Height:22 cm
Mass:4 kg

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