GAA001 Gamma Autolock assembly


The Auto GamLock is an interface between the manual windout and the safety system. Containing electrical switches and solenoids it must be connected to the EDCB with a connecting wire. The control box controls the Auto GamLock and when appropriate will allow the source to be exposed. The Auto GamLock is a failsafe unit however and if power fails to the unit, or it is disconnected, it will still allow the windout to return to the home position. The cable will then be retained by the Auto GamLock preventing a further exposure. The GAA should be used in conjuntion with a Maglock to restrict entry to the compound.


Extra Information

Width:6 cm
Product Code:GAA001 Gamma Autolock assembly
Length:15 cm
Product Type:
Height:25 cm
Mass:0 kg

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