Gamma Beacon


The GammaBeacon is a standalone radiation detector ideally suited to area monitoring. The device uses a series of RGB LED's to indicate the radiation level to observers. Three states can be indicated: Green - Safe . Amber - Exposure Imminent. Red - Radiation high. Simplified safety features include: Long battery life (60 Hours when fully charged). Robust. Easy to use. Professional appearance. Ergonomic design. Long life LED's used as indicators. A siren accompanies amber signal. The GammaBeacon can be set up to work with you, it can be set by us at any threshold of uSv/hr so it truly is a flexible piece of kit.


For more information or to organise a site demo of our GammaBeacon, or any radiography kit, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring us on 01661 836 886.




Download our spec sheet here.


Extra Information

Width:0 m
Product Code:GAB001
Scale Type:
We Sell:Yes
Length:0 m
Unit of Measurement:
We Calibrate:Yes
Height:0 m
Mass:0 kg
Response Time:
We Repair:No