What sets us apart from the rest?


We are a main supplier of industrial radioisotopes within the UK. With 26 years trading we have a long standing reputation for good customer service and high quality products. 



When the company was first established back in 1988, one of the main goals was to offer services that stood unique within the marketplace, making Gilligan Engineering a versatile and bespoke organisation. Since our birth we have applied a vast range of privileges to the services we provide, integrating seamlessly with a broad range of customers as we continue to rise ahead of our competitors.

Some of the advantages we offer are:

  • No supply contracts. You can purchase as many or as few isotopes from us per year with no minimum quantity
  • Excellent customer service. We have a source scheduler programme which allows us to predict when you will need a replacement isotope. We can then seek your permission to order in plenty time so the source is available when you need it.
  • Competitive prices. Our prices are inclusive of loading, source holder, delivery and collection and disposal of a spent source.
  • Secure Supply. We have 3 independent suppliers for sources meaning a consistent and secure supply for you. We receive multiple shipments per month ensuring the activity of the source is what you ordered.
  • Change-out. With our own vehicles and highly trained staff we can also offer to deliver the source to site, change over the sources and take away the spent source and transport container. This minimises your down time.
  • Wide Range. We hold a stock of commonly used sources both Ir-192 and Se-75. We can offer physical sizes from 0.5x0.5 to 4x4mm in Ir192 and 1mm to 4mm in Se75. We also offer Cobalt 60 and Ytterbium 169.
  • All brands of Equipment. We are capable of loading all brands of equipment with sources.




Ir192 Assy source


Se75 cylinder shaped source


Sphere Assyb source

For a quote for a particular size or for more information please get in touch.