SAF Safety System Warning Panel

bINTD 2015, Materials Testing in Telford

This week, we are showcasing our SAF Safety System at the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing’s (bINDT) 2015 Materials Testing Exhibition, down in Telford. We are one of around 60 exhibitors that will be demonstrating our technologies to visitors from across the globe and we will also be displaying our range of Viking close proximity and projection containers.



SAF Safety System


The new SAF Safety system is a fully interlocked safety system capable of working with gamma and X-Ray sources. Designed to be modular, the system has a central control box connected to a variety of slave units such as the main radiation warning station (SAF1301) that combines the annunciator, emergency stop, siren and radiation detector in a single unit. This offers multi point radiation monitoring within a radiography compound, reducing the chance of a radiation blind spot.


Red beacons can be installed around the perimeter of the compound to provide audible and visual warning on the state of the bay. These typically display red, amber or green but can be reconfigured at the users request. Both RWS and red beacons can detect radiation and more importantly can report this reading back to the control box where it is displayed for the operator. The system also comes with a search button, as standard meaning the user has to enter the compound to ensure it is free from personnel before an exposure can commence.


In addition to this, it’s large compound doors, as well as smaller man entry doors, can be locked in a variety of ways such as the industry standard Castell locks or our preferred method of a maglock. The maglock can be controlled by the safety system meaning minimal input from the user is required.


The system runs on 12V power supply and colour coded Cat6 cables connect all units, meaning installation times are drastically cut. It is also possible for the user to install it themselves due to the systems simplicity, all items are flanged boxes meaning wall fixing can be done without dismantling and the wiring is as simple as plugging in a cable.


The exhibition opened this morning, so if you’re attending, we’re at stand B11! It is already off to an excellent start and we have high hopes for the rest of the week!



Left side view of bINTD exhibition stand in Telford

Front view of the bINDT exhibition stand in TelfordLeft side view of the bINDT exhibition stand in Telford